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Batik Painting Museum

This Musuem aims to tell the historical story of how this art form began in the 1950's and its subsequent development by a good number of talented artists in Malaysia.


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Penang Medical Tourism

Travelling abroad for seek medical treatment which is term as “medical tourism” is becoming more common nowadays. At the forefront of medical tourism in Malaysia is the state of Penang, where both the central and the state government is actively promoting this industry.


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Batu Lanchang Market In Penang

Different from majority of the wet markets in Penang, the Batu Lanchang market operates after noon, from 1pm to 6pm.


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Tanjung Bungah Night Market

The open air night market in Tanjung Bungah is located right outside the wet market building of the neighbourhood, off the main Tanjung Bungah road.


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41 Living Story

41 Living Story is a souvenir shop located on Love Lane, George Town.


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Penang Museum Trail and Museum Adventure Pass

The Ministry of Tourism & Culture and Tourism Malaysia Penang has partnered with the Penang Tourist Centre (PTC) to launch the ‘Penang Museum Trail & Museum Adventure Pass’, a do-it-yourself tour of Penang’s many museums.


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Colonial Penang Museum

The newly opened Colonial Penang Museum will bring visitors back to Penang's colonial past. Experience the lifestyle of both the British Administrators and the wealthy merchants of Penang and appreciate the intricate art form from the past.


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