6 Favourite Spas in Penang

Spas are some of the most luxuriously pampered activity one could do on a holiday. The very essence of treating your well-being in a calm and peaceful environment rejuvenates the mind and helps you relax and detoxify. While being a touristic destination to some, it is a place to recharge and heal. While competition is high, Penang still offers some of the best spas in the country. Check out our suggestions and let us know what else you have in mind.

Danai Spa

On the top of the list is award-winning Danai Spa, a husband and wife project that focuses on providing none other than truly to die-for spa treatments value for money. With three branches in Penang alone, they also have four other Danai Spa nationwide and one to launch very soon. It provides treatment similar to resort spas and have consistently offered promotions to its returning customers every two months with various treatment themes. If the 'Chocolate and Wine' treatment is not your cup of tea, opt for the yummy 'Greentea and Sake' treatment that will surely leave you soberly rejuvenated. In 2017 alone, they have already garnered 4 outstanding awards including 'Rising Star Award' at the 2nd FMA Golden Globe Enterprise Award; while founder Cynthia Tong was awarded 100 Most Influential Sustainable Entrepreneur, Master Class Women Entrepreneur of the Year, also conferred as Adjunct Professor.

Panpuri Organic Spa

Located on the 6th floor of the Victory Annexe in Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Georgetown, Penang is the luxury lifestyle brand that uses only the finest natural and organic ingredients – Panpuri Organic Spa. With its luxury skincare and aromtherapy range, it offers Thai and Oriental massage technique that inguses unique blend of pure, organic, and infused oil. Alongside its organic massages therapies are its infamous facial services for women as well as for men – Chivit Chiva Sports Massage and the Mali-Anantara Gentlemen Energising Facial. Don't forget to ask for a seaview!

Float for Health

Salt treatment is a century-old ayurvedic treatment such as rheumatism and stress related illnesses. One of Penang's only floating therapeutic center, each treatment uses 500 kilograms of Epsom salt heated up consistently to 34 degree celsius and voila you can now float effortlessly in one of these large tubs. Experience meditation allowing your brain to shift to a lower frequency Theta state, associated with creativity, deep relaxation and concentration.You may now rejuvenate with soothing music and float in a private, spa-like room alongside lighting that fits your mood.

Rock Spa at Hard Rock Hotel

Enjoy the sound of waves and sea view while you shake off yout tensions and indulge in the peaceful serenity at Rock Spa. Offering services such as massages, body scrubs, and body wraps, the spa also provides manicure and pedicure to its guests. Its signature treatments include massage, hot rock and rhythm sticks. Rated 5 stars by Ministry of Culture Malaysia & Tourism, it was also named as the Top 30 spas by Harper's Bazaar in 2010 and Most Creative Traditional Massage in 2013. Rock Spa offers you a full service of rock spin spa  using traditional treatments in a modernist Zen setting. Enjoy this place on a girls' day out or another special moment with your loved ones.

Penaga Spa

Located right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of Georgetown, Penang is Penaga Spa at Penaga Hotel. Inspired by the traditional health treatments, Penaga Spa is inspired by its early residents who once lived within these terrace shot houses built in the 1920s. The discovery of holistic treatment of the Penaga Tree is now being incorporated into the treatment at the spa. The spa opens up to the backyard garden which overlooks the 'Lorong' – the oasis of private green of the hotel grounds. Among the guests' favourites are the Holistic Spa Massage, Tiga Rasa Spa, Baba & Nyonya Face Spa and Baba & Nyonya Foot Spa.

Chi, The Spa at Shangri La

CHI, The Spa, is located within the Shangri-La resort on Batu Ferringhi on Penang Island. The 11 spa villas and yoga pavilion are set within a secluded corner enclosed with soaring centuries-old rain trees alongside the tranquil seafront. Surrounded by 30 acres of lush gardens, the spacious villa is the perfect hideaway from the hustle and bustle of the city with spa menus that offers Chinese and Malay treatments. 


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