Laksa, originally a Peranakan cuisine, is a sour and spicy noodles soup
adorned with rice noodles or vermicelli with chicken, prawn or fish
depending on which part of Asia you are in. This speciality is more than
just what meets the eye. And at Laksalicious, it stays true to its
Penang roots by offering what made the island state famous as a food
heaven in the first place – Penang Asam Laksa. It is served with
poached-flaked mackerel, lemongrass, galangal and chilli together with
tamarind-based soup. Mint, pineapple slices, thick sweet prawn paste and
a torch ginger flower and what puts it all together the sweet prawn
paste. According to CNN Travel, it ranked Penang Asam Laksa 7th out of
the 50 most delicious foods in the world.

When Christine Ooi decided to open her conceptual store focusing on one
of Penang and perhaps even the world's most popular and yet singular
dish – Laksa, all she wanted is to savour this Malaysian delicacy in
the comfort of her home. Laksalicious its first store was opened in June
2015 at Hutton Lane and its popularity soared leading to the opening of
its second store at Queensbay Mall in July 2016. The selection of Laksas
available range from Nyonya Asam Laksa with crackers, Laksa Lemak, to
Dried Mixed Laksa.

Laksa has always been a snack or rather simply prepared and sold on the
street corners and by hawkers in and around residential or busy
intersections. Her busy schedule with her two sons meant that stopping
at these intersections became way more inconvenient.

After her stint with Moustache Houze, a cafe based in the heart of
George Town, Penang, it was the combination of Penang's reputation as a
food hub in the region and being listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site
that has led Christine to this concept restaurant, which has already
attracted significant numbers of foreign customers.

“I'm a laksa lover and the hawker centre on the streets or roadsides
are always exposed to too much heat and sunlight. Sitting or standing at
the hawker stalls to savour my favourite dish can become a nightmare.
You will probably end of sweaty using inappropriate cutleries just for a
taste of old Penang. Additionally, there's the hygiene issue many have
chosen not to dine there,” says Christine Ooi.

“I have resorted to ordering a takeaway. With noodles and condiments
packed separately from the tamarind-based soup, I would usually drive
home and savour it in my air-conditioned kitchen table,” Ooi added.

Laksalicious not only serves laksa of course but celebrates the
Peranakan culture with its signatures dishes including its beef rendang,
sago topped with gula Melaka, cempedak spring roll, and kapitan chicken.

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