Nagore Square: The New George Town

Repositioning as the next lifestyle destination within the circumference of downtown George Town, Nagore Square is considered a new area where a mixed of retail, arts &cultural, F&B and entertainment are located along the junction of Jalan Burmah and Jalan Nagore as well as Jalan Bawasah.

Upon arrival, visitors to this area will immediately be wowed by the heritage architecture that combines a modernistic approach while infusing the old. The colonial buildings are no more dilapidated with falling-off paint, but is significantly transformed into a hybrid of outdoor and indoor businesses – a more commercial scene compared to downtown Armenian Street. The collective of shops are being rebranded as an entertainment centre providing an urban and hype atmopshere. 

If you are into hype and cool fashion, check out our very own Malaysia homegrown brand Pestle & Mortar. Their signature products, available at 15 outlets nationwide, are harlem-styled providing a selection of t-shirts, hats and accessories. For afternoon break, PikNik provides an atmosphere for a perfect lazy Sunday away from the afternoon heat. It is famous among the locals for a cup of iced coffee and waffle selection. Alternatively, treat yourself to a myriad of pastries and sweets available at Brixx & Baume on Burma Road and Mon Delice and Bon Appetit Pets Centre on Nagore Road. For an extended time spent around the area, there a numerous beauty parlour for hair, massage as well as all the mani and pedi care you need. If you fancy a drink and check out the night life in the area, bars and bistro such as Amy Bistro & Pub and Shanghai Bowl, decorated with various murals and chic lightings and settings, centers around a hype corner usually busy with its weekend crowd.

Indonesian cuisine has always been a popular choice and many has recommended Java Cuisine Restaurant. Perut Rumah provide some of world's rarest cuisine found only in Penang is the Peranakan cuisine.These dishes are recipes orally passed down through the Baba Nyonyas, named from the marriage between a Chinese merchant and a local Malaysian or Indonesian since the 16th century.

Minutes walk away from the closest mall – Penang Plaza, food court – New World Park and 3-star hotel – Royal Hotel, Nagore Square is transitioning from one of a more hippie centre to city-like commercial zone. What you see now is an ever-evolving and vibrant part of Goerge Town.

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