Stared Vgrab With Grab Eco Voucher

grab and redeem at the specific merchant indicated

What's Vgrab Eco Voucher Application is a free marketing communication platform for users to grab discount vouchers, cash vouchers, free gifts, and other deals from various kinds of merchants. Consumers may get the interesting news and information of related products and services on the platform.

What's Different? also works as an advertising platform for merchants and aims to be a channel to assist merchants from three main categories, including Nature & Sports, Leisure & Entertainment, and Travelling, in brand name development by providing them the effective multi-platform advertising solutions.

How Vgrab Voucher App Work wih Environmentally-conscious ?

It is not only a web based marketing channel to build the connections between merchants and users, but also introduces two mobile applications – Merchant’s App and User’s App. Both applications are compatible with iOS and Android system.

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"Eco Coupon Application"

Vgrab is an innovative, easy-to-use voucher application that brings the latest deals right to the user’s smartphone, the smooth interface is free to use and environmentally-conscious.

There are no obligations or hidden costs for users, users can grab a voucher and redeem it at the specific merchant indicated. Sign up through downloading our app and enjoy exclusive vouchers in the palm of your hand.

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Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application

advertise with a straight forward and simple method

Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application is a user-friendly mobile application for entrepreneurs who wish to advertise their products and services using a straight forward and simple method.

We provide a platform which enables them to dynamically create and publish their products/ services voucher all in one single merchant application.

The merchants are able to gain more publicity through the vouchers within the launching period as the users get to grab the voucher for FREE!

In order to enjoy the benefits of the app, merchant have to install the Vgrab Merchant Application and create an account. For new account, we provide free 150* vouchers credit for merchant to create their vouchers. Once the voucher credits are finished, they have to purchase token to create their products/ services voucher.

Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application

How It Work ?

Choose a Type of voucher (choices provided) or upload own voucher image

Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application

Upload the voucher background image

Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application

Set the title, redemption period, quantity of voucher and the limitation of the user grab and the specific day and expired date of redemption

Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application

Write down the Terms and Conditions for the voucher and the branch is applicable for the voucher

Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application

Have a final review of the voucher. After the finalization, either save it as a draft or submit it for approving

Vgrab Merchant Mobile Application